Town End Primary is an outstanding school in which pupils make excellent academic progress and reach outstanding levels of personal development and well-being. The school is so successful because of the very effective leadership of the headteacher and the senior team, and the way that the whole staff work together to promote a caring ethos and uphold their belief that every child matters. The school works extensively with parents to encourage them to contribute to their children’s education. The overwhelming majority of parents hold the school in the highest regard. One of their comments typified their views: ‘My child has achieved very high standards in the school. He is polite towards children and teachers, and he respects everything around him. While in school I and my husband have seen the difference in our child….’ Pupils are also full of praise for the school and like it just the way it is. Very high levels of pastoral care ensure that the pupils reach outstanding levels of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Excellent assemblies, after-school clubs, a varied programme of visitors and visits all play a vital part in their development.

The school is very successful in developing amongst pupils a very positive outlook on life, a desire to care for others and good levels of maturity. Pupils act sensibly in classrooms and in the communal parts of the school. Their behaviour is impeccable and pupils contribute enthusiastically to lessons and school life. Despite considerable challenge in life, pupils’ attendance is above average because they thoroughly enjoy coming to school. Pupils know the importance of good health and fitness and many take part voluntarily in sports and other activities. They help enhance the school and the local community. For example, they take pride in their contribution to school life as school councillors and value the buddy system which supports other pupils and minimises bullying. Pupils promote charitable work to help worthy causes and this contributes to their excellent awareness of business and enterprise. The pupils’ positive attitudes and advanced levels of moral and social development prepare them very well for their future.

After starting school in the Foundation Stage with levels of development that are much lower than typical for their age, pupils make excellent progress. In recent years, the school’s achievement has been amongst the top five percent of similar schools nationally. By the end of Year 6, pupils reach standards that match the national average. This represents very good achievement given the pupils’ starting points and the high proportion with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. In Key Stage 1, pupils make good progress overall, accelerating noticeably in Year 2. In 2007, standards were below average mainly because pupils struggled with reading. Given the relatively low starting points to Year 1, pupils achieved very well. In Year 6, standards in 2007 were average in English, mathematics and science. Raising standards is the school’s top priority and its initiatives to support these pupils are paying dividends. It diligently analyses pupils’ progress each term and accurately identifies anyone at risk of falling behind. Very good support for the high number of pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities enables them achieve exceptionally well. Most pupils currently in Key Stage 2 are making very good progress and especially so in writing and mathematics as a result of the school’s concentration on these areas. The school recognises that pupils could do better in reading, particularly in Key Stage 1.

The pupils’ excellent achievement is a result of the very good quality of teaching coupled with a rich and exciting curriculum that inspires them to learn. Teachers ensure pupils know the purpose of lessons and what they are expected to learn. Teachers and assistants work very well together to give support which ensures that all pupils, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, to fully participate in lessons. Each term in Key Stage 2, teachers carefully set targets in English and mathematics that challenge each pupil to reach higher standards. Marking congratulates pupils on their accomplishments. It usefully shows where they are successful in meeting the standards expected and gives pupils guidance about how they can improve their work.

Leadership and management are excellent and ensure that pupils do very well. Governors have a close association with the school and meet all their responsibilities and current government requirements including, for example, the safeguarding of pupils’ welfare. They get best value from their resources to ensure pupils’ outstanding personal development and academic achievements. Their extensive knowledge of the school results from their diligent review of its work. They are determined to raise achievement and standards further. The senior leaders and managers have a very accurate evaluation of the school’s strengths although they are modest in their judgement of their own contribution. The governors and leadership team have made sure that the school has improved since the last inspection. Given the school’s track record of sustained high achievement, even more ambitious goals are well within its grasp and it has an outstanding capacity for further improvement.

Inspection Report: Town End Primary School, 24 January 2008.


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