Background Information

Town End Primary School became an Academy in March 2011 being invited to do so by the Department for Education due to being an outstanding school. We felt that being an Academy would help us move forward and continue to improve. It would give us greater freedoms with the curriculum, free up funding to spend on children’s learning and achieve more by sharing resources.

Academies are schools designed to meet the needs of young people in the 21st century. They are non-fee paying schools and independent of the Local Authority, but publicly funded by the Government and inspected by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

Town End Academy is part of the WISE Academies Multi-Academy Trust.  WISE Academies is governed by a Board of trustees. The WISE Trust Board are respected members of the local community from different sectors, including education, business, faith and local government. Originally the Trust was known as Bexhill and Town End Academies, but as plans to welcome more schools to our family grew we have changed our name to WISE Academies.  WISE stands for We Inspire Success and Excellence, which sums up our vision.  The Trust is dedicated to getting the best for our students and wants to grow to ensure our success can be replicated within other schools.


To provide a high quality educational community which offers life changing opportunities in a safe, creative and exciting environment. All are valued and inspired to flourish and grow as individuals, leaving us believing  the sky is limit!

WISE Academies set high expectations for staff and students in order to meet our mission and raise standards.

Teaching and Learning

We are committed to learning for all, pupils and staff alike. Basic skills of numeracy and literacy are a key part of our curriculum and are essential for academic success. Children learn through a topic based curriculum where first-hand experience puts learning in to context. This engages and motivates children and ensures that the learning is embedded. Children will work together and in different situations to apply their learning in problem-solving and other activities. A strong staff development and monitoring programme will ensure standards are high. Expertise from across the WISE family will be shared with staff exchanging best practice.

Enrichment of curriculum

WISE recognises that all children have their own unique character and talents. We will provide opportunities for individual development though a range of activities within and outside of school. A wide range of sports opportunities will be made available; musical skills will be taught; innovative ICT will engage children; and many after school activities will add to the school experience. Educational visits both local and further afield are also a regular part of the WISE way.

Engagement of community

WISE operates an open-door policy with parents, carers and the local community. We want to hear your views and welcome you in to the Academy so that you can participate and share your skills and experiences with the children. A dedicated child and family liaison officer will be on hand to build strong relationships, and support children and families through a variety of activities and programmes.


WISE Academies has three levels of Governance as set out in its Articles of Association and Schemes of Delegation: Local Governing Bodies (LGB) in each academy; a Board of Directors who are responsible for running the academies and monitoring standards and finances; and 4 Members who own the company plus the CEO.